10 years of making procurement
officers look good.

8(a) Certified • No Hassle • Proven Record

About Us

● 541810 (Advertising Agency)

● 511120 Periodical Publishers
● 512110 Motion Picture and Video Production
● 519130 Internet Publishing and Broadcasting & Web Search Portals
● 519190 All Other Information Services
● 541430 Graphic Design Services
● 541511 Custom Computer Programming Services
● 541512 Computer Systems Design Services
● 541519 Other Computer Related Services
● 541611 Administrative Management & General Management
● 541613 Marketing Consulting Services
● 541810 Advertising Agencies
● 541820 Public Relations Agencies
● 541830 Media Buying Agencies
● 541850 Display Advertising
● 541890 Other Services Related to Advertising
● 541922 Commercial Photography

Welcome to Solstice Advertising, a full service agency
that specializes in the unique work of federal
contracting. Solstice is a wholly owned subsidiary
of Calista Corporation, with subsidiaries
operating in more than 37 locations across the U.S.
Subsidiaries represent a robust variety of
industries including construction and engineering,
hospitality and camp services, aerospace and
technology services, and telecommunications and
communication. Through Calista, Solstice has
the advantage of access to a variety of financial,
legal, contract compliance and human resources,
allowing us to easily meet the demands of large,
complex projects. As Solstice possesses the
necessary NAICS codes, the agency has undertaken
a remarkable sum of government contracts
providing professional marketing services and outreach.


Solstice Advertising has the proven ability to
successfully accomplish sole source
federal contracts, with years of experience
developing strategic, integrated and
impactful campaigns. We are regarded as a
leading authority in providing reputation
management services to government
agencies and micro-targeting hard-to-reach
audiences. Solstice Advertising’s client
base reflects the major industries that
dominate our nation’s largest state economy,
including natural resource development,
health care, and issues and advocacy.

● Traditional and Social Marketing
● Public Relations
● Video and Media Productions
● Branding and Brand Management
● Media Strategy
● Market Analysis and Research
● Mobile Development
● Graphic Design
● Web Development
● Integrated Communications

8(a) Program

Solstice Advertising stands out in more ways
than one. Not only are we a full service agency
with the cultivated knowledge and experience
to help government and private sector clients
achieve their advertising goals, but we are also
recognized by the U.S. Small Business
Administration as an 8(a) certified small
disadvantaged business.Furthermore,
Solstice is unique in that we are one of the
few SBA 8(a) companies owned by an Alaska
Native Corporation, and as such are eligible to
receive sole source awards of any size.

Sole Source
● 8(a) firms owned by Alaska Native Corporations can
receive sole source awards of any size that cannot
be protested, thus the contracting process can
take place within a few weeks.

No Dollar Threshold
● The $4 million threshold, generally imposed upon
sole source service contracts, is not enforced upon
Alaska Native or Tribally owned 8(a) firms.

Greater Abilities
● Permitted to undertake joint ventures in order
to execute larger, more complex projects and
overcome effects of contract bundling.

Get To Work Faster
● Contracting an ANC 8(a) firm can avoid the
cumbersome A-76 process.

8(a) SBA designation

SBA designation

$1.1b Individual federal contracts executed

Individual federal
contracts executed

Proven Record Significant past performance

past performance

Government Portfolio

Government Clients


United States Forest Service Department of Agriculture  The Department of the Treasury  United States Department of Agriculture



Army National Guard United States Army Corps of Engineers  United States Department of the Interior Bureau of Indian Affairs



United States Department of Veterans Affairs  Denali Commission Alaska United States Federal Election Commission



Federal Aviation Administration United States Food and Drug Administration Department of Veterans Affairs



Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration